Photographs by Jeffery Newbury

Fine Art Photographic Prints of Tupac Shakur
Photographs by Jeffery Newbury

Strictly limited in an edition of 25 prints per image, each fine art pigment photographic print is individually numbered and has been hand signed by Jeffery Newbury. This collection of museum quality prints has been produced and printed on 24" wide exhibition fiber paper to the highest standards to be framed and displayed as pieces of art. Jeffery Newbury's photographic collaborations with Tupac Shakur has produced these highly collectible prints available now, sold individually, from numbers 1-25 on a first come, first served basis. Limited edition portfolio sets also available upon request.


As is customary in the art world, the price of the fine art prints will increase as the editions sell through. Once an edition is sold out, it will never be made available again. 

Current Price

$4000 USD

per print


Certificate of Authenticity

Every fine art print is delivered with a high quality certificate of authenticity to document the size of the edition, the production technique, and the materials used to create your artwork. Each fine art print has been checked and approved before packing in archival protection and shipping. Please follow the care instructions provided. All fine art prints are insured and will be shipped worldwide via secure courier delivery and will require a signature upon receipt.